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Lotro Gear

This site provides info for players of the MMORPG game Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO).

It provides listings for all gear broken into sections for armour, jewellery and weapons that are easy to search and sort.


2nd Oct 2011

Isengard is out but why hasn't this damn site been updated? Well, normally I'd just grab the new gear and all would be good but this time things are more tricky. Isengard has brought a bunch of changes to player/item stats & turbine have also made changes to the data services this site relies on to get new items. This means I need to rewrite a bunch of stuff on the website. Im working on it now so hopefully we'll be back up and running soon.

30th Mar 2011

Just updated the data in the site so all the recently added stuff should be in there - thats over 27,000 items now! As always, give me a shout if you think something's missing or wrong. I've also changed the site so that it will now automatically look for new items every week and should stay more up to date. In less good news, Im been pulled onto other projects recently so new features will be slow for now. The plus side is that if the other projects go well I could have some neat stuff to bring back here.

29th Nov

Configurable ratings. The much asked for feature to edit gear 'Ratings' is here! You can't save changes yet (thats coming soon) but I figured I'd release what I've done so people can use it and give feedback (the best way being my lotro forum thread or email at gear.lotro@gmail.com).

16th Nov

Updated search to make it more flexible. Also, IE8 problems with broken datatables are now fixed. + Other small changes like tweaking table columns for clearer groupings.

9th Nov

Added all gear from level 0 to 40. Site now has over 23,000 items! Updated site with latest items from the lorebook. Made several other tweaks to improve speed of loading/searching/sorting.